Entertainment Industry Mixer Presented by The Creative Journey

by The Los Angeles Film School Alumni Association

If you are responsible for the art, craft, and science of any multi-media productions, this ongoing LAFSAA event is for you! This mixer brings together promising talents in one room for the purpose of creating synergy and connecting people. In the last 5 years, the LAFSAA membership body has created the support network necessary for the creation of motion pictures, television programming, music, game, animation and New Media content. The LA Film School Alumni Association is comprised of Creators whose career path include: Producers, Filmmakers, Animators, Executives, Writer, Singers, Cinematographers, Editors, to name a few. Join us at our next event!

– Mario J. Novoa, President

Hosted by Neto Pimenta and German Sanchez

Come mix and mingle with former classmates and future collaborators, stick around to (re)ignite your creative flame, as Neto & German,”take their show on the road” and share with attendees some practical tools on how to achieve higher states of creativity and productivity.

A video and podcast are being produced by The Creative Journey: 

From 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM PDT

On Site

Cocktails and light appetizers

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Street Parking

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